Appinux offers a video solution for Health Care. Appinux Video Visit is designed to provide a reliable, unified, multi-platform, video environment specifically designed toward facilitating real-time, face-to-face interaction in a very user friendly way. Video Visits is not intended to replace in-person consultation, it provides a powerful complement to it, empowering care providers to eliminate the inefficiencies and patient discomfort associated with unnecessary transportation or visits.

Appinux’video visit module has a very simple interface where a tablet is used in kiosk mode (requires MDM module) or installed as apps / link works like other apps / browsers on the hardware. If the module is to be attached to MDM and collect statistics on its use, etc. to the platform’s virtual storage and support module. It is simple and quick logistics management with automatic user registration and expanded support for handling device. Video visit is a secure module with role-based security management that complies with health legislation, data handling and privacy law.


  • Access to Video Visit app on IOS and Android
  • Access to video from chrome browser
  • Calendar Module
  • Team Planning Module
  • Contact module with selected citizens and employees
  • Reports with call listings and etc.
  • Call center with the opportunity to connect several call centres
  • Access to user and role management
  • Possibly access to logistics data around overused units, access to support data (network, battery, etc.) about overused units, access two MDM handling and integration to AD with users.

If you have any other questions about our video solution you are welcome to contact us.