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Early detection of incipient illness is a tool for citizens based on KL schemas and experience-based triagemodel developed in this context. Therefore the module provides access to experiential triage and decision support to assess the development of a citizens’ health. Home care professionals can perform such change form on an individual and based on the citizen’s habitual mode they can calculate a triage colour. The triage colour is displayed on a monitor panel and in the call center. The professionals can decide if there should be made a TOBS. The nurse conducts the TOBS and once again there will happen a triage. The nurse receives advice and guidance according to the score achieved by the TOBS. A dynamic schema module supports the module where the municipality/region can build schedules with for example an employee’s monitoring fluid intake or a citizen self-monitoring with triage during cancer treatment. There is also a fully flexible tool for managing Team Boards at Hour rehabilitation, acute squares, etc.


  • Access to the app on IOS and Android
  • Access to the platform from all browsers and mobile devices
  • KL’s schedules about TOBS, food, depression, changing form, pain, etc.
  • Graphs with measurements in our result module
  • Triagemodul with the possibility to set up a personal triage
  • Calendar Module
  • Schedule Planning Module with available triage
  • Contact Module with selected citizens and employees
  • A module for relatives
  • Team Panel Module
  • Measurement module
  • Reports with measurement etc.
  • Access to user and role management
  • Possibly access to cross-sectoral data sharing and videocommunication, access to logistics data about used devices, access to support data (network, battery, etc.) around the used devices, access to MDM handling, integration with AD with users and integration of care system

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