Safety is a very important element when handling patients’ health information. Appinux is a Danish company that supports Danish law and EU legislation that protects privacy and id a associated with personal health information. Software must be secure and protect privacy, but at the same time the software also be accessible to caregivers, so they get the information needed for them to carry out their work in the most efficient manner. This is supported in understanding and HIPAA guidelines. These include more rules and regulations, which establishes guidelines and requirements for administration and enforcement of HIPAA.


Appinux platform can be integrated with other systems. Primarily by integrations used as standards, as PHMR, HL7 and national standards from Medcom, KOMBIT-service platform, and local systems, where own requirements can be supported. Our main focus for our Appinux platform is to help municipalities, employees and citizens to cooperate about services and work together to create the basis for a change. Our platform has a open architecture and is open to other systems. Much of the data that is relevant to the municipality’s daily teams is stored in various specialized systems outside the immediate control municipality. The Appinux platform is to contribute to the exchange of data and information between these systems. Primarily by integrations with international and national standards as Medcom, KOMBIT-service platform, PHMR, HL7 standards, but also local specialist systems that do not comply with international and national standards. Only by a consistent action is it possible to create better results for citizens and employees without duplication.